The 2012 Hyundai Veracruz Gives Comfort to Everyone

by on January 2, 2012

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The problem that so many people have with people carrier cars is that they are too crowded and uncomfortable. This is understandable because it can be tough for some companies to fit seven people into one big car. This is where the 2012 Hyundai Veracruz may be handy. This can be one of the best midsize SUV options to find because it offers plenty of comfort and plenty of space for all seven people in it.

The Veracruz is a Hyundai 7 seat car that is effective for transporting people and even works with some of the best possible technologies in select models. These can all work for a value that is less than $40,000.

A rear shot of the Veracruz.

Easy for All to Get In

This Hyundai 7 seat car is made with a design that involves 150 cubic feet of space for all seven people to enjoy. This is made possibly by several points around the car. It features large doors, lower door sills and a slightly elevated roof. This works to keep the vehicle roomy enough for everyone.

The vehicle has headroom that goes from 40.3 to 36.1 inches when going from the front to the rear. The legroom is 42.6 inches in the front row, 38.4 inches in the second and 31.5 inches in the third. This is suitable for all groups of people but it is best for kids to ride in the third row just to make sure that no one complains about what’s going on in the vehicle.

An attractive feature of the Veracruz is that it is only 190.6 inches long. This is about ten inches less than what the Mercedes-Benz GL class of vehicles, a class that the Veracruz is often compared to, has for its length. It creates a smaller turning diameter, thus making it a little easier for anyone to turn around.

The fact that the second row of seats can move down in a 60/40 bench pattern is especially useful. It improves the ability for anyone to open the car door and get people to go back into the third row when needed.

It's easy to play things on the Veracruz.

Quiet on the Inside

Another part of the comfort of the Veracruz is that it is one of the quietest people carrier cars when on the inside. There is a large amount of insulation on the inside of the Veracruz. This includes four layers around the motor cover, carpet and other spots. This works to create a quiet interior that is easy to enjoy without worrying about engine noise or wind noise. It also keeps vibrations at an extreme minimum.

This is a huge benefit of this Hyundai 7 seat car because the vehicle has a 3.8L V6 engine that can produce plenty of energy. The insulation around this durable and strong engine works to keep the vehicle from being too loud while ensuring that it’s still strong.

A Look at the First and Second Rows of the Veracruz

How Nice are the Seats?

The seats around the 2012 Veracruz are enjoyable and work with cloth fabrics that are soft and durable. However, people who opt for the Limited edition of the Veracruz can get seats that are even nicer. These seats will include leather trims and even heated seats on the first and second rows. It will also come with a dual front temperature zone control system to make the seats even more comfortable.

The seats in the back have slight grooves that make them a little easier to sit it while the left and right seats in the second row bench have the same features. The middle seat in the second row doesn’t have these grooves but it does have a minor headrest on it for comfort. The third row does not have anything between its two seats but the front row has the shift paddle and a storage container.

All of these features in the seats can work with beige or gray colors. There are no added charges for picking one over the other no matter what Veracruz model one goes for.

The Veracruz Features a Strong Look

More Than Just Comfort

It is true that the Hyundai Veracruz has some of the best features that make this one of the most comfortable best midsize SUV choice around but there are several other things that add to its value. The front wheel drive on the car works well but it can be upgraded to an all wheel drive option if desired. Also, a six speed automatic transmission is used here. It can adjust the gears as the driver wants them to change. It even works with special shifting patterns for uphill driving or for different weather conditions.

The seventeen inch wheels on the Veracruz are useful. The Limited edition has eighteen inch wheels.

Also, a trip computer and iPod and USB jacks are used in the vehicle and can be used along with a six speaker audio system. This system can even handle satellite radio signals. The Limited edition will add two additional speakers to the audio system and even work with an external amplifier. It even uses a six disc CD changer instead of the standard single disc CD player that the regular Veracruz has.

The engine, as mentioned earlier, is a 3.8L V6 engine. It uses Continuously Variable Valve Timing to adjust how it works. It makes sure that the intake and exhaust valves are kept under control, thus making it easier for the car to keep from using more fuel than what’s needed.

This Hyundai 7 seat car can work with a value of around $28,000 while the Limited edition is closer to $34,500. It will also cost around two thousand dollars to upgrade either edition of the vehicle from the front wheel drive version to the all wheel drive version.

This is all made with one of the most notable warranties in the industry. These cars that seat seven work with warranties that include a 10 year or 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and a 5 year or 50,000 new vehicle warranty. There is even a seven year warranty for corrosion and even five years of full roadside assistance services. These two warranties do not have any limits with regards to how many miles the car can work with.

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