GMC Terrain 2011 Seven Seater

by on July 22, 2011

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The GMC Terrain seven seater SUV launched by GMC has gained popularity of being more than a car and reflects your expectation about your dream car. This small SUV is developed on Theta base which is also shared by another car, Pontiac Torrent. It occupies a slot lower than GMC’s Acadia, the smallest SUV. Seven Seater Terrain was launched in the New York International Auto Show in 2009.

Interiors of GMC Terrain 2011:

Interiors of Terrain show classic appearance with its curving lines and closely fitted panels that have grained textures.The environment inside the Terrain is relaxed and inviting. The red stitching around the seats give a contrasting combination. Though the overall dimension are small, the seating arrangement gives an elevated position and it is especially advantageous at the driver’ seat, as the driver will get the same vision that is available for the traditional Body-on-the frame SUV cars. At the same time you wont be inconvenienced when you try to get in the car as the step-in height is relatively low which makes the entry and exit from the car easier than the truck based SUVs.

Official Video of  Terrain

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Dashboard and the controls are quite away from the front passengers that lets them relax comfortably in open and spacious interiors and not be crammed. The look of the dashboard with orange colored back-lit panel and bright white digits gives the feeling of a precious machine churning power under the hood.

GMC Terrain 2011 – Specifications

Terrain is powered by 2.4 liters engine that can give out 182 hp of power and 172 lb-ft torque at 4900 rpm. 16 valve engine is built to with variable valve control. The recommended fuel is unleaded and the full capacity of the fuel tank is 18 gal. The engine is coupled to an efficient transmission of 6 speed automatic gear box and you get the fuel economy of 22 mpg in the city drive and 32 mpg in the highway drive conditions.

Exteriors of the 7 Seater Vehicle Terrain

Comforts and Conveniences:

If you are planning for frequent long rides, then Terrain offers you the seats that are comfortable to go for the long drive and not have you squirm in the seats at all! The legroom offered on all the seats permits relaxed positions as ride may go on for hours. Besides, one can easily adjust the seats comfortably in relation to the steering position that really helps to drive long hours without excessive strain to the body. It is said that the designers have taken special care to make it easy for shorter individuals to drive the car! what more? Now shorties can drive this too :P . You will enjoy the cool and softly lit interiors achieved with well executed lighting interiors. The center stack position makes it easily accessible. There is a central storage bin that can house a laptop.

The 7″ navigation screen has touch screen design. Keen music lovers can take comfort from the 10 GB hard disk that allows them to store substantial music files. Coming to rear seats, you find them adaptable for adjustment to the required angles to suit your comfort. It can be reclined and slid for eight inches to make room for either the cargo or the passenger. Even on the rear seats you have option of using two independently operated screens and thus get the independent entertainment for the back seat travelers.

XM and OnStar come with the vehicle prepaid for one year. You will find 4 outlets for the phone chargers, laptops or other mobile devices. It has connectivity for Bluetooth allowing hands free operation.

One more remarkable feature of the Terrain 7 seater car is that the acoustic insulation provided between the engine and the dash and also use of acoustic laminated glass that deflects the wind noise and thus giving totally noise free ride.

Interiors of 2011 Terrain

Safety Features of GMC Terrain 2011

With the help of navigation system, the rear view camera is of great help. Rear view camera is available on all models. If you do not have navigation system, however, the image on the rear-view mirror is small. So the navigation system makes it easier to use the rear view camera. Terrain has given maximum concern for the passenger safety. The occupants are protected from crash and impact from all possible directions. The airbags provided are overhead airbags, front dual airbags and front side impact airbags on the front. Other safety features offered are Traction control, ABS brakes and Electronic stability program.


Performance: ★★★¾☆ 

Exterior Design: ★★★★☆ 

Interior Design: ★★★★½ 

Fuel Economy: ★★★½☆ 

Terrain, rich with features offers a true value to the discerning buyers. The price of Terrain 2011 SLE is priced at $24,500 while Terrain SLT at $28,100. With the latest technology combined together; this 7 seater vehicle is surely going to make your ride pleasant. Moreover the back row screens are going to keep your children busy while you enjoy the en-route scenery.

Go see the GMC Terrain 2012 right now.

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