What’s With the Toyota Prius Hybrid? The 7 Seater SUV That Could Change Things

by on November 29, 2011

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The big issue that so many people have with seven seater vehicles is that they take up too much fuel. After all, they are larger vehicles. This is where Toyota is coming in mind. Toyota is preparing a 7 seater SUV in Japan called the Toyota Prius Alpha. This is a hybrid that was launched in Japan in the early part of 2011.

It is not clear as to when this will come out outside of Japan let alone if it ever will. However, this may change the industry of 7 seat cars when it does come out.

How Efficient Is It?

The key about seeing how well the Toyota Prius Alpha works among seven seater vehicles is that it uses a combination of electrical and gasoline powered functions. The hybrid setup that Toyota has been using for a while can be easily converted into a 7 seater SUV like the Prius Alpha. However, the miles per gallon level would be at around 40 to 50 when compared to higher numbers for other Toyota hybrids. This lower number is due to the larger engine and stronger build of the car.

Fortunately, this is still better than what other seven seater vehicles use. These tend to feature around 20 miles per gallon on average.

What About the Engine?

Of course, the big tradeoff is that the engine will be slightly smaller. The Prius Alpha has a 135 hp engine and is only 1.8L in strength. This is much smaller and will not work as strong as other 7 seat SUV choices but the reduction in fuel usage should be good enough for anyone to handle.

How Seating is Handled

The key about the Prius Alpha is that it can handle seven people. This is thanks to the added foot in length of the Prius Alpha versus the original Prius. This will help to create a greater amount of space for more people to fit into.

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