The 2012 Subaru Tribeca is Subaru’s Newest 7 Seater

by on November 29, 2011

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The Subaru Tribeca is a new 7 seater SUV that features a large seating area that is comfortable for all passengers. It also offers support to help make it easier to control.

This is one of the top vehicles that seat 7 in that it features a 3.6L F6 engine. This works with a manual shift transmission and can handle 16 mpg on the city streets and 21 mpg in the highway. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive feature in the SUV works with getting most of the power in the car to work towards the rear wheels.

What About the Seats?

The seats are arranged in the Tribeca to create a convenient system for people to sit in. The front row is comfortable for most while the second row has seats that need to be pushed back a bit to create something relaxing. A small opening is found in the back for access to the third row of seats. This is easy to handle and to set up but this is generally better for the smaller passengers in this 7 seater SUV.

The Design Features of the Tribeca

The design around the vehicle is something that gets this to stick out from other 7 seater vehicles. The Tribeca has a strong curve that comes with a durable design and features an interior that has a refined finish. The metallic look of the dashboard is handsome and features a series of curves that make it easy for the buttons to be well organized. However, the buttons can be tough for some people to read.

Safe to Drive In

It will not be difficult to worry about safety in this vehicle. It has six airbags, more than what many other vehicles that seat 7 can handle. There are also active front head restraints in the vehicle. Antilock brakes are also included in the Tribeca to keep the brakes working as effectively as possible.

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