5 Best 7 Seater 4X4 Vehicles Till Date

by on September 29, 2011

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The present era of excellent and efficient technology has revolutionized the world of 7 seater car and has blessed the car manufacturers the capacity to reach for the expectations of present day generation. The key features of these 7 seater vehicles are excellent power, good economy and they come out furnished with All Wheel Drive that makes you to appreciate its exceptional power capacities, tremendous speed and the capacity to offer constant performance in all terrain situations with high towing ability. These 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles have proven to be a step ahead in providing all the facilities unlike other luxury sedans to the family like modern electronic equipments, comfortable seating arrangement, security equipments, entertainment features etc and today it is rare to find any seven seater that has taken a back seat in this regard.

It is a fact that there exists a great competition among many 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles’ manufacturers all over the world as everyone is striving to manufacture best car armed with all powerful features that can put satisfying end to the car devotee’s thirst for their dream car. So one must be careful in choosing the best seven seater that makes your journey a successful one all along your life and is well recognized in various performance factors. It is better to choose the best seven seater based on your taste, efficiency of the car to meet your expectations and reviews of experts and users. Now let us take a look on best 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles that can lend a helping hand in directing you to your dream car.

Land Rover Discovery:


Land Rover Discovery has been classified under top 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles as it exhibits excellent off-road abilities and is booming as the most opted seven seater all over the world since its introduction in 1989 by Land Rover. You can find 4 generations of Land Rover Discovery with advancement in each of the generations and they are Discovery series I, Discovery series II, Discovery 3 also known as LR3 and Discovery 4 or LR4. It is the Land Rover Discovery 4 that has captured the minds of car lovers and is widely chosen by the family as an ultimate comfort.

LR4 is the modified version of LR3 and shares the similar body configuration as that of LR3. The new LR4 has witnessed alterations in the rear and front light, front grille, bumper to retain the curved style and mechanical aspects. The addition of Daytime Running Lights to the front lamps has enhanced the appearance of LR4 and has made it more stylish. The modifications with respect to engine and its performance has offered this seven seater huge power to take you at a respectable speed without any constraints. The LR4 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle comes out with 3 litre TDV6 Gen III engine and 5 litre V8 petrol engine Gen III with former delivering power of 241 bhp and torque of 66 Nm while the latter offers power of 385 bhp and 520 Nm torque. Even it has undergone some changes in the addition of stronger brakes and anti-roll bars that promise good road handling. The interior feature of LR4 is exceptionally good and goes in co-ordination with the exteriors that is designed to offer extreme comfort and luxury. You can observe the improved seating arrangement in this seven seater as compared to the previous generations. The electronic equipments like speedometer and tachometer with improved precision, TFT screen to display the information in all modes, rain sensors and Smart alternator that helps in taking care of fuel consumption are standard in this seven seater. The LR4’s new feature of aiding the visibility in off- road and during parking through a set of cameras called Venture Camera situated in bumpers has proved its reliability once again.

LR4 is rated high in offering complete security to its passengers as it includes safety equipments like updated versions of Stability Control System in controlling the application of brakes, air suspension, locking differential and Terrain Response system operating in two modes to improve its performance in all terrain situations.

2011 Mercedes Benz GL350:

Mercedes Benz GL 350

It is no wonder that Mercedes Benz GL350 is recognized as one of the top 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles as there would be no one in this world who could not have dreamt of owning this car. This seven seater with excellent off-road abilities had seen its origin in 2006 and now it comes out with many excellent modifications in regards to interiors, exteriors and engine. Let us check out its features that have mesmerized the whole world.

Mercedes Benz GL Class has an excellent and stylish appearance and is recognized as the Elongated and Wider version as compared to its older versions that makes you to stick your eyes on it! You can observe LED tail lights and daytime running lamps that help in increasing the visibility, roof rails and chrome belt-line that added to the magnificence of this sedan. This 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle has housed all the luxuries and comfort equipments in it like interior air filter, air conditioning, radio controlled telescopic leather steering wheels, duel zone climate control, cruise control, heated power seats, 3D instrument clutter, fold-able third row seats, spacious cabin, active head rests, CD changer, temperature indicator and all safety features to serve the passengers as best as possible.

The Mercedes Benz GL 350 includes turbocharged V6 engine that delivers power of 210 hp and 542 Nm torque and makes the sedan to perform well and efficient without any lack of power. It should be noted that the engine helps in reducing emission of NOx by 80%. This seven seater is priced at $60000 for diesel edition.

2011 Cadillac Escalade:


The new SUV Cadillac Escalade, the venture of Cadillac General motors is one of the most renowned 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles that has now gained the capacity to compete with the well established branded seven seaters in the market. It has witnessed many alterations and improvisations since its launch in the year 1999. The latest version of Cadillac Escalade has added SD card based navigation system and single unit DVD changer as extra features to an ample of excellent features! This 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle is absolutely well known for its service in many aspects like luxury, comfort, best engine and interior/exterior features and can not be replaced with any seven seater in regards to uniqueness.

The success of Cadillac Escalade is shared by its engine to the maximum extent as it is the one that had transformed this sedan in to a symbol of power and comfort. This sedan is occupied by standard 6.2 litre V8 engine weighing three tons offers the sedan a power of 403 hp and torque of 417 pound-feet. It is an interesting fact that it takes only 7.5 seconds for the Escalade to accelerate to 60 mph in spite of its heavy body configuration! The fuel economy of this 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle has seen an improvement due to the implementation of new feature called cylinder deactivation technology. Cadillac Escalade is blessed with an attractive appearance and is available in 4 trim levels. The 18 inch wheels, rearview camera, exterior auto dimming mirrors, rear parking sensors, xenon headlamp, power liftgate and fog-lights included in this sedan has offered a masculine touch to its appearance.

It will be a great experience as you enter this sedan since it is furnished with excellent interiors and great many facilities. The Escalade is designed to have ample space and features foldable third row seats with an active headrest for all the seats. The additional features like power tilt steering wheel, heated front seats, driver memory functions, leather upholstery, navigation system assisted by audio, Bluetooth, iPod interface and ten speaker sound system have made this sevens seater as an excellent choice for a family.
The Cadillac Escalade has always been the top to provide maximum safety and security to its passengers. It is awarded with 4 stars rating as it includes many safety features like antilock disc brakes, rear parking sensors, stability control, airbags, blind spot warning system, traction control and rear-view camera.

Chevy Traverse:


Chevy Traverse is one more 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle that stood out as one of the most preferable and best seven seaters all over the world. This SUV is designed on the base of GM lambda platform and is brought in to the car market by General Motors. This sedan had stroked terrors in the minds of seven seater manufacturer as a tough competitor and an ultimate choice for the passionate car lovers through its many features and specifications like classy appearance, excellent interiors and exteriors, high degree of comfort, luxury equipments, good fuel efficiency and top rating in case of safety features. Now let us take a look on its features that always support for its success in the market.

You will appreciate its stylish sleek appearance that is enhanced by dual port grill and angular tail lamps, a unique look that captivates the minds of car lovers. The visibility is improved by the blind spot mirrors and the ultrasonic parking assistant assists you in finding the objects behind the sedan during parking. The design of interior of this 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle is made to go with the exteriors and it is featured by ample space, comfortable seating arrangement, foldable seats and large cargo space for keeping stuffs like bags etc. This sedan is known for its high degree of comfort that is achieved by rear air vents and cup holder arrangement in the armrest.

The Chevy Traverse is equipped with 3.6 litre V6 engine with 6 speed automatic transmission that aims at contributing smooth ride and best fuel economy. This engine offers the 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle a power of 288 Hp that assures of higher efficiency and a wonderful experience in riding it. The technology implemented in this seven seater for the entertainment of passengers include Bluetooth connectivity, Remote key-less entry and music system and take care of the passengers’ comfort at every instant of the ride.

The safety features like rearview camera, Traction control, Electronic stability control system, airbags and pressure monitor, Automatic Crash response have brought this sedan five star rating and reduce the chances of collisions to a greater extent.

Audi Q7 3.0T Premium:


Audi Q7 3.0T needs no introduction as it has gained world wide popularity by its various exciting features like high degree comfort, efficient and reliable technology and the design of exteriors/interiors. This 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle was launched in the year 2009 and had received appreciation all over the world as it had met expectations in every aspect that a reliable seven seater is desired to do.

This seven seater comes out with 3.0L V6 engine that is designed to deliver 280 hp and offers greater torque about 295 lb-ft. This engine takes your Audi Q7 seven seater to 60 mph in only 7.7 seconds. The 18 inches wheels offer a comfort journey in all terrain conditions. The interiors of this 7 seater 4X4 Vehicle is never less than the heaven as it comprises of every needed feature like leather seating arrangement, twelve way heated front seats, ample space, Bluetooth connectivity, Audi parking system, iPod interface and remote transmitter. The exterior of this seven seater is also well furnished with LED tail lamps and power tailgates that grant the Audi a stylish look.

You will face no issues in case of safety features as it takes care of passengers’ safety at every instant of their journey. The Audi Q7 is awarded high rating for including airbags, Electronic stability system and Traction control and is also awarded with five star rating by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for side and front impacts.

By going through the description of these 7 seater 4X4 Vehicles, it will be easier for you to select your dream car that possesses all the expected and excellent qualities that makes your journey a memorable one every time!

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