Best 7 Seater Cars 2010

by on September 24, 2011

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Majority of car manufacturers around the world have come up with SUV cars or 7 seater cars catering to the demand of the new generation; the luxury combined with utility, power and economy. 7 seater vehicles occupy an important segment in the overall cars being manufactured. “Sport Utility Vehicle” or SUV is a term used to describe the cars that are similar to station wagon are but built on light truck chassis. They usually are equipped with AWD or All Wheel Drive (also called 4WD) and exhibit commendable power capabilities that make these cars so special, suitable for both tough tasks with high towing capacity and also being able to give respectable speeds. These cars mainly preferred by people as family cars do not lack in providing ultra modern gadgets providing luxury, comforts, conveniences, recreation and safety in comparison to high priced luxury cars.

No doubt, that the major car manufacturers around the globe are trying their best to get a sizable chunk of the 7 seater vehicle segment. However, the job of winning hearts of car enthusiasts is not that easy as their expectations are getting higher all the time. On the other hand, the task of judging the 7 seater SUV is not an easy job either! With hundreds technical parameters and features, conveniences and luxuries coupled with the price tag and brand name and lastly the aesthetics of the car, it becomes very difficult to conclusively declare that “This is the best seven seater vehicle around!”

So it requires a careful and balanced consideration of the various factors that let us evaluate 7 seater cars objectively.

Which are The Top Seven Seater Cars of 2010?

As outlined early, it requires a great deal of study of technical specifications, the features and safety and performance factors and overall economy to get an objective seven seater vehicle comparison. In order to evaluate 2010 seven seater cars, it is necessary to define the weighted values for different parameters. These can not be universal as individuals may have different perceptions or expectations from their cars. However, based on the expert reviews, it is possible to compare all the characters of the cars and arrive at the best judgment possible. There are certain subjective criteria like look and feel, colors that may also influence the individual preferences, but overall the universally accepted parameters must be used to compare the 2010 seven seater cars. Based on the reviews of experts and actual users and information released by the manufacturers we can evaluate the 7 seaters easily.

Top 5 Best Seven Seater Cars 2010

Here are the top 5 Best 2010 7 seater cars selected on the basis of the various parameters.

Mercedes Viano Ranks No. 5


Mercedes Vioano is not a new car; it is around here for a long time. It is the longest of these five top cars selected. One may not be highly impressed by the superficial glance at this vehicle because of its van like shape! But wait, it comes with lot of gadgets that give the passengers a wonderful drive. Same goes for the driving pleasure and a comfortable drive to the driver. Viano is built using 3.0 or 3.5 liter V 6 Engine and some models can get you a top speed of 122 mph and 126 mph. It does not lack in giving you comforts and conveniences. It comes with attractive leather seats, DVD player, electronic sliding doors and rain sensors. The seats are re-arrangeable to accommodate luggage or different layout as required by you. It also provides a large table which can be folded and has lift and deploy feature. Viano is priced at $ 42,000 and above all is backed by the prestigious name of Mercedes behind it!

Mercedes GL Class at Rank No. 4

Mercedes has launched many luxury suvs in variety of series and GL Class 7 seater cars stand apart from the rest in appeal and performance. You have all the features of high quality and utility that public has come to expect from Mercedes. GL Class offers the cars that are more rugged and powerful. You have all the features you can get from Vaino and in addition you have the 4X4 vehicle offering excellent off road performance. Besides, the look of GL Class car makes it stand apart from the crowd! You can judge the power of the GL Class crossover from the fact that the V 8 engine can take the vehicle to 60mph in just 6.5 seconds. Of course, as a car coming from Mercedes stable you must be ready to pay high price for the car; this costs around $85,000.

Audi Q7 ranks No. 3 among Top 5


Q 7 from Audi offers you a great combination of performance and array of impressive ultra high tech gadgets. It adopts Start/Stop fuel saving techniques that gives high mileage and low CO2 emissions. Some models have emissions as low as 195 mg/km and give a mileage of 37 mpg. The supercharged engines can give an impressive high power of 272 hp and 295 lb.ft. torque allowing vehicle to overcome most rugged environments. The power and the economy of Audi Q7 are complemented by the comforts and recreation you find inside; they are equally impressive! It carries a price tag of $ 1,23,000.

BMW X5 7 seater Car Ranks At No. 2


BMW X5 seven seater has an impressive look matched by the power and performance that have made the vehicle one of the top 5 seven seaters according to many auto reviews. BMW X5 seven seaters are equipped with iDrive system which gives you the best driving control. The quality of the drive is excellent as that can be expected from a BMW. The drive is thoroughly enjoyable. It is priced at $70,000. The 4.8 liter petrol engine has ample power in its muscles that can take you to speeds of up to 140 mph. But you will feel safe because of the control of the drive and the solid build of the car.

No. 1 -  Seven seater – Hummer H2


A luxury seven seater that offers ample space for the whole family and adds to a set of features which are found no where else, Hummer 2 is certainly a top rated seven seater luxury car. Priced at $63,300 this car offers a great value for money. The appearance of these giant cars make you feel that these are definitely able to serve the needs of a large family and the posh interiors with all-leather upholstery and seat covers, with loads of gadgets make it the best choice for your travel needs. You can use it for off track adventure with its 4X4 drive.

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