Mitsubishi Space Wagon – Among Perfect MPVs

by on November 30, 2010

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Mitsubishi Space Wagon, sold internationally under various names like Mitsubishi Chariot, Mitsubishi Expo and Mitsubishi Nimbus is a product of the Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi Motors and is generally a five or seven seater compact MPV vehicle. It was released having three generations spanning from 1983 to 2003. Later in 2003, Mitsubishi Grandis, a seven seat MPV from Mitsubishi replaced the Space Wagon and is now sold in Oceania, Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America and Japan.

Generations of Mitsubishi Space Wagon:

First Generation of 7 Seater Car(1983-1991):

From Feb 1983 to May 1991, the first generation of the Space wagon known as the D0#W-series was manufactured. Initially it was incorporated with the 1.6 liter to the 2.0 liter petrol engines and later in October 1984, the 1.8 liter turbodiesel engine was introduced. In 1987, a new and modified version was introduced which reached a speed of 109 mph. During the first generation of its existence, the Space Wagon won the “Wheels Car of the Year Award” in Australia where this mpv was marketed as “Nimbus”.

Second Generation (1991 to 1997) of Seven Seater Mitsubishi Space Wagon :

As the sales increased and customer satisfaction was on a high, Mitsubishi decided to bring drastic modifications to the 7 seater vehicle – Space Wagon to provide greater convenience to its customers. Thus the mpv was given a boost in its length, width and height and also its wheelbase was increased in length. The original 4G63B engine was retained but the old turbodeisel engine was replaced by a newer 1997 cc engine. More updated versions of these engines were added in 1993.Later, in high-end models, an engine with fuzzy logic was also made available which could be electronically-controlled.

Third Generation of 7 Passenger Vehicle (1997-2003):

The last generation of the car was introduced to the market in October 1997. This version of the 7 passenger mpv was better known as Chariot Grandis and it was even larger and weighed more than the one released in the second generation. In 2003, Chariot Grandis gave way to Mitsubishi Grandis which became a popular 7 seater mpv.

Features and Components of the Space Wagon:

Security Components:

The Space Wagon has been designed with a number of features which account for the safety of its passengers. It possesses an anti theft alarm and the vehicle is also equipped with power steering, central locking which is remote controlled, air bag, front head restraint and third head restraint and also on the front seats, it has got seat-belt pre-tighteners.


The furnishings on the Space Wagon include hand brake handle which is leather coated, a trunk mat, interior mats, wood inlay, interior carper design and cup holders in the front and back. It also contains a computer, roof railings, luggage cover, rear window cleaner, rear window heating equipment, electrical antenna, car stereo and loud speakers. The seats are velour padded and have armrests at both in the front and rear.

Comfort Equipment:

This 7 seater vehicle has been built to provide comfort at various levels to its users. Some of the equipment built into this vehicle for comfort are inner lighting for doors, external and internal mirrors with automatic shading, fog lights, lights corrector, heated mirrors, spot lights and also outside temperature display.

7 Seater Car: Mitsubishi Space Wagon

Space Wagon

Internal features:

The row of seats can be made way for luggage space of 1,930 litres. The seats cal also be folded forward. There is also a LCD screen which displays fuel consumption, temperature and time. There are some versions of the Space Wagon which also consists of a GPS system which shows directions. Trays are provided in the luggage area and also under the seat of the front passenger.

Mechanical Features:

The Space Wagon has been equipped with an economical 2.4 liters direct injection engine with an energetic 147bhp. The third generation of this mpv consists of a new version of GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine which enhances its performance and also is more economical. The gasoline direct injection technology accounts for higher speed of 115 mph maximum speed and consumption of fuel stands at 31mpg. The gear lever for the space wagon is placed at the bottom part of a center console and has a feel like that of a sports shift. The air filters provided increases and accelerates the horse power and simultaneously provides very good air filtration. The vehicle can finish 50,000 miles before it can be given for a cleanup and this depends largely on driving conditions.

Performance of Mitsubishi Space Wagon:

The Space Wagon is better in comparison to the estate cars which offer free moving and spacious seating arrangements. The road space used by this vehicle is comparatively less than other conventional cars. The vehicle has direct injection 2.4 liters engine which is quite economical and it also is incorporated with a strong 147bhp engine. The car came as a dream come true for many buyers who were looking for a MPV which had an average body and would be easy to park specifically during the night. The size of the Mitsubishi Space Wagon is more than that of the mini MPVs which was suitable for seven kids with manageable size.

Drawbacks of Mitsubishi Space Wagon:

Although the price is a bit expensive, there are not many drawbacks that one can find out. The spare parts are a bit expensive though. Also the rear seats which can be taken out to make extra space for luggage are quite heavy and they cannot be taken in and out every day because it would need some effort to fit them back again. The size of the vehicle can be at times far from a blessing as sometimes the vehicle has to be squeezed into narrow entrances of car parks.


The car came as an apt car for those who wanted a seven seater car but din’t want one of those that seemed like a supertanker and for which parking was a nightmare. It is a bit expensive at about 20,000 USD but then it offers high quality, reliability and value for money. All in all, a good car to have to go on long drives with family and friends without having to put too much of thought on accommodation and comfort.

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