Toyota Corolla Verso – Toyota’s 7 Seater Car

by on November 28, 2010

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History of This Car :

Toyota corolla is one of the popular motors which manufacture 7 seater MUV. The latest version of Toyota Corolla Verso has come up with all the genuine reasons to make it emerge out as a highly successful 7 seater car maker ever. Though the earlier version of the car could not gain much of popularity , due to its extremely bulky nature which also failed to deliver the high driving quality and in fact totally failed to make its mark in the market in front of its other competitors. Hence considering this failure as path to success Toyota Corolla Verso has come up with latest features which have got very stylish appearance, a very spacious cabin, and flexibility of a real 7 seater vehicle.

Performance of Corolla Verso:

You can find around five different kinds of engine options in this Verso. There are basically three diesel engines and two petrol engines. The capacity of these petrol engines is 1.6 liter and another one is of 1.8 liter. One of the smaller engines has the power of 109bhp with 0-60 mph. But the drawback of this smaller engine is the noise caused at the time of heavy load or at the time intensified speed. Therefore the larger engine would be a far better choice here. This engine has the power of 127bhp. The quickness of this particular car is pretty high which is around 63mph within 8.8 seconds of time.

Handling of 7 seater Car Verso:

This particular car is laid down on its own unique platform unlike its old platform which could not delight many of its customers. The handling of this 7 seater Toyota Corolla Verso is extremely easy even in twisted roads. The grip provided by this vehicle is highly remarkable. Most of the seven seater vehicles fail to offer good level of grip in it, but Verso has made a real good effort in providing the appreciable grip level. Due to its wide visibility the parking is also simple, and easy.

Practicality of Corolla Verso:

The practicality featured by seven seater Toyota Corolla Verso is simply the best. The best feature is its folding nature available in second and the third rows. The seats of these rows can completely folded up into a floor. The middle row of this vehicle offers lot of space which can in fact be converted as a luggage placing area. The only less impressive factor in the seating arrangement is strap pulls which is used to hold up the folded seats. But if you have got a huge pile of luggage then the compartment meant for luggage may not be sufficient for you as there is only a limited space of luggage.

7 Seater Car - Toyota Corolla Verso

7 Seater Car - Toyota Corolla Verso

Equipments of Toyota Verso:

The latest version of Verso car has been equipped with latest attributes and equipments. It has got electronic pair of front side windows and system to operate the push buttons of the car. The gearknobs of the is made of leather, there is also a passenger side airbag, a driver side airbag and also a knee airbag for the driver. The entire Verso car has been air conditioned and there is even a double locking system which is centrally operated. You can even see the 16 inches wheels of alloy and the stylish door mirrors. This seven seater car also features a cruise control and wipers which have got inbuilt rain sensors. There are even modern DVD player system and the roof bars.

Comfort Level of Corolla Verso:

Though this 7 seat car is exclusively designed to accommodate at least 7 adults, it still could not reach up to the promised claims. The rear compartment seats are in fact meant for children only. A person with a six foot of height would hardly fit inside this compartment of the car. Though the rear compartment gives a sense of discomfort the middle row can make you forget the discomfort caused by the rear compartment of the vehicle. Due to the high level of flexibility provided by the middle row the chairs of the Verso can be easily folded off. The ride offered by this car is in fact very smooth and a comfortable.

Driving Easiness of Toyota Corolla Verso:

You can easily look for a simple driving position in this Toyota Verso. The multi adjustable nature of the steering wheel of the car gives you this wonderful opportunity. You can find very stylish and funky buttons on dashboard of the car. This 7 seater car also offers a satellite navigation system. This system has even got the facility to support a camera which can be mounted on the grille and can be helpful to find out the view of all the corners of the road.

Safety Features offered by Toyota Corolla Verso:

Verso is known for its safety features been offered. EURO NCP has given a high rating to this car for it really appreciable level of safety features incorporated. There are all together nine airbags, which have been fitted in the front side, curtain side and as well is in driver’s knee side. The driver knee airbag of Verso helps in restricting the driver’s leg from getting in touch with the dashboard. Anti-lock brake is another add on to the bunch of safety features of this car.

Running Cost of Verso:

The fuel consumption of Verso is quite low compared to the earlier version of it. The 2.2 liter engine of this car may not be that economical for you as this diesel engine’s fuel efficiency is quite low. The cost of this seven seater Toyota Corolla Verso is around $19,000. Hence depending on your basic needs you can judge this seven seater car and can plan to buy one for you.

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