Jeep Commander: The Sturdy 7 Seater

by on October 17, 2010

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Jeep Commander made its debut in the year of 2006. This large car was released as a symbol of sport utility. This has been in production even today, going with the same pace. The first version of Jeep Commander has 3.7L of V6 engine. Over years Jeep Commander Makers have introduced good features in the latest models. There were inspiring changes added in the later versions. The changes came in engine efficiency, interiors, equipments used, the frame of the car model and even the color. Now let us look at the different technologies that have been added in the latest version of this line of 7 seater cars. The cost price of latest Jeep Commander ranges from $31,575 – $42,830.

Engine Efficiency:

Jeep commander is a luxurious and large 7 Seater SUV. This is a very spacious seven seater luxury suv, which gives you a comfortable journey. The road capability is simply the best. The latest Jeep commander offers a 4.7 liter of V8 engine with a 5.7L of V8 engine. Isn’t it really great? The latest model of Jeep Commander is wonderful. This comes with a classic design of boxy style looks. This design brings a sporty appearance to this large 7 seater car. Jeep commander has also come with a new attribute of fuel economy of 15mpg. This would go up to 20mpg on the highways.

Interior of Jeep commander:

Ultra modern interior and the latest technology implemented have made Jeep commander’s rating go really high. There are three rows of seats set up. The first row of the seat offers a great level of comfort with a large space for a comfortable drive. The second row seats are built in a stadium style seats. You can find a very limited space in the third row. You can not expect a real good level of comfort in the third row due to the congestion. The seat covers used are stylish and colorful. The fabric used here is long lasting. We can come to the conclusion that, Jeep Commander has a fascinating interior.

Different Models of Jeep commander:

There are two editions of Jeep Commander; a Sport edition and a limited edition. Both the editions have their own distinguishing attributes. A sport edition comprises an eight way power driver seat, a roof track, a 17 inch wheels made of alloy, an audio system with a MP3 player. The MP3 player also offers an all time satellite radio. You would even find six speaker provisions with the MP3 player. There is even a Sun group, a modern touch screen navigation system. The Bluetooth technology is an additional modern feature in this luxury SUV. The climate control feature, xenon headlights and once again a rear seat entertainment system are some of the other features offered in these 7 seater cars. In addition to all the above features there are many extra safety features introduced in the Jeep Commander. Some of the safety attributes are anti-lock disc brakes, curtain airbag, and a wonder stability control.

Jeep Commander

Jeep Commander

All in all, this 7 seater car has scored a good rating for its efficiency and the advanced list of features.

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