Volkswagen Touran 2011 – People’s Choice

by on November 26, 2010

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Overview of Volkswagen Touran:

Volkswagen Touran is one of the highly selling MPVs in Germany. Volkswagen Touran is most stylish products of Volkswagen which has got tall wagon look. The new changes added to 7 seater car includes latest alloy wheel pairs, rub strips with a flank, a brand new looking grille, couple of LED lights. The changes added internally are highly remarkable ones. But some of the minor changes incorporated in latest version of this car, has not succeeded in enhancing the popularity of this car.

Mechanical Features of new 7 Seater Vehicle Volkswagen Touran:

This car is known for its compactness and its new design called Volkswagen Touran design DNA. The attributes of this seven seater vehicle is technically as well as practically progressed. The major change in the mechanical feature is the advanced engines which showcases remarkable fuel efficiency and as well as a drastic reduction is carbon dioxide emission. This vehicle features diesel and a petrol engine. A latest technology called Touran Bluemotion is implemented in this seven seater car, which has resulted in a drastic cut down in the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of 7 seater Volkswagen Touran is 4.6 per 100km. The petrol engine embedded in this car features the innovation with 1.2 liter of TSI. This is in fact is a turbo charged engine which has a capacity of 105 PS. The torque is about 175 meters but yet the engine has managed to consume only 6.31 /100 kilo meter of fuel in a total combined mode. Hence due to the high level of efficiency of the engine provided the popularity of car has also grown. So all in all the engine efficiency has managed to fulfill the needs of Euro five emissions.

Body Styling of Volkswagen Touran:

The latest body styling of Volkswagen Touran offers a sharpest and stylish looks. Besides four doors of the earlier generation of Touran the latest brand new generation has been completely restyled. You can see an apparent network made with horizontal lines which rules the entire built of this seven seater car. The Design DNA which is used to design the entire new model of this particular car has featured a new engine bonnet, a set of radiator grille, a bumper, and the wings. The radiator has got a glossy black version. The bumpers of this car has been painted with the body color. The headlights of this vehicle have seen some new changes by implementing new shapes.

The new technology also offers assistance in the functionality of headlights. The functionality of the head light module has been programmed in a customized way. For example suppose a customer demands for bi-xenon headlights in his brand new seven seater Volkswagen Touran then that particular vehicle get designed in such a way that modules used here can feature the LED exclusive daytime light and position light in your car. There are all together 12 LEDS been used here.

7 Seater Car - Volkswagen Touran

7 Seater Car - Volkswagen Touran

A Special Note on Special Features of Volkswagen Touran:

Another unique technology implemented in this 7 seater vehicle Volkswagen Touran is Light assist technology and Dynamic assist technology. These technologies have been designed to operate the headlights on the latest version of the car. This technology has the ability to recognize the traffic condition depending on the found light source and it then executes the main command to module of power control. This particular functionality helps in delivering the high level of safety as the main beam can get deactivated depending on the command it received. The main front windscreen favors in continual activation of the beam module.

Now focusing on the rear compartment of the cars; you can apparently find the latest restyled look. The latest design gives unique daytime appearance and unique night time appearance to this large seven seater vehicle. There is a huge reduction in the air turbulence which is achieved due to the spoiler on a roof edge of the car. The optimized solution is used here for the smooth closing of the gas spring. The rear window has been made still larger which in fact offers a large view in the rear section. The side section of the entire rear compartment has been modified in the latest version of luxury SUV Volkswagen Touran. This feature has brought a dynamic energy to the body of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Touran – Interior Attributes:

You can find all new materials in the internal section of  Touran. You can see the changes in controls of air conditioning as well as in the air vents of the car. There are many switches built exclusively for the electronic windows, this feature has made the control buttons to disappear and brought new component look to the interior of 7seater Volkswagen Touran. The seating arrangement in the second and the third row has been changed to the large and spacious compartment. You can even see the latest look of gear grips and the stylish doors of the car.

The impressive seating arrangement has made this luxury suv Volkswagen Touran really optimized and elegant. The third row and the second row seats of this car can be folded up according to your convenience. These seats can deliver the excellent comfort at the time of very long journeys and make you have a real good time. You can also see a cup holder, a folding table in the third and in the second row of the car. Thus compared to all the latest restyling in the internal feature of this 7 seater, the space optimization which can be done by folding up the seats is one of the best factors.


This entire package costs you around $23,000. The overall verdict of this particular vehicle has turned out to be a mixed reaction. There are group of people who have appreciated the drive of this car but are not happy with the features. There are people who are happy with features but not with the cost of the car. Therefore you can make your own decision by going through all the factors of 7 seater car.

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