7 Seater Cars and their need in our Life

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by on April 10, 2010

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Today’s growing number of 7 seater cars have to be the way to go when you need enough room to comfortably carry a growing family. Gone are the days when you would get squished in the back seat with your 2 or 3 brothers or sisters, even sharing seat belts to make room. There are MPV, SUV and CUVs which are especially made to solve this issue, but your problem starts when you actually start looking for one. Because there are just too many of them out there which are enough to confuse you out of bounds.

A quick google search would probably tell you that there are more than 200 types of cars in US alone, and its hard to find the one that fits your family well. To find the best 7 seater cars for your family, its good to decide which type of car you want to have than think of how many seats. The best selling type of car in today’s market in most of the countries is the 4 door car which is usually called the “sedan” and this has sold many million units in the recent past till date. The maximum number of people you can pack in a sedan is 5. If you are in need of a light duty MPV which can transport your family around to short distances then a good minivan  can be a choice. There are many hybrid models in these type of vehicles which can almost give up to 40-50 mp gallon of fuel, which is appreciable.

What if you need something Rugged?

SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is a good choice if in case you are in a harsh climatic condition zone, like too watery or too snowy and rocky place. SUVs can easily accommodate at least 7 people, but its drawback is the amount of noise it produces is way too unacceptable and the main concern over the years has been the amount of fuel it consumes during transit. If you are hard on your pocket, then SUV wouldn’t be a good 7 seater cars choice.

What is a Crossover compared to 7 seater cars?

There is this newest addition of cars which derives various attributes from different types of cars and tries to provide multiple utility in the same car. One example you can give for a crossover car is the Ford Edge. Most of the newly produced crossover cars will have at least 3 rows seating which lets the family have a comfortable seating experience and this is desired when you plan to take the car out for a long trip or may be a vacation. The downside to a crossover is like a SUV, they don’t get great gas mileage. The problem with the crossovers is same as the SUV, they don’t happen to have concern towards the fuel economy and eat up a lot of fuel. Thus if a family car is what you are looking for, then there is nothing better than a 7 seater cars. But as you’ve been notified, choose between the different ones, and help yourself by not burning your pockets.

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