Nissan Terrano – When Buying A Used One

by on December 28, 2010

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The Nissan Terrano which is also called Nissan Pathfinder is a truck based 7 seater SUV which has a very good build with great interiors, an advanced 4WD mechanism and a powerful V6 engine. The vehicle has been incorporated with many advanced features like a navigation system, four-wheel ABS, compass, steering wheel audio controls and Bose audio system to name a few.

The Terrano first came into the North-American market in the year 1986. The vehicle was reinvented in 1996 when it got a completely new design and this design was maintained without any major changes till the year 2004.

The Terrano is similar in build to a truck as it has a truck-like platform but the frame is not a separate one. This car has rack-and-pinion steering, a longitudinally-mounted engine, has firm axle with coil springs at the back and the front part has McPherson struts. The interiors of the Terrano are quite comfortable and provide ample driver space and have controls which are very user-friendly. The devices are easily readable. The seats can be folded and adjusted to make room for extra luggage.

On being taken on road, this car provides a very quiet and comfortable ride. The engines are very powerful and give horsepower of 250 units and its V6 engine of capacity 3.5L accounts for superior low end torque and towing capability is quite decent.

7 Seater Car - Nissan Terrano

7 Seater Car - Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano Engine:

The Terrano which was redesigned in 1996 was incorporated with a V6 engine of 3.3L capacity having 12 valves. It was made of cast iron and heads made of aluminum. Even though a simple one, the engine is very strong and reliable. The timing belt provided in the engine should be replaced in once in a while.

From 2001 onwards, the Terrano was equipped with a better 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine having 24 valves. This engine was similar to the ones that come with Murano and Nissan Maxima. The engine enjoyed great prominence in its class owing to a great low-end torque, very lightweight design and very high power. A silent timing belt is used instead of the normal timing belt. The engine can last very long if maintained properly.

Nissan Terrano Strengths and Weaknesses:

The vehicle has some very good features which ranks it very high in its class. The external styling is very elegant and the internal finish and design is quite striking. The Terrano has a very powerful 3.5L engine which is also very dependable. This seven seater SUV offers a very comfortable and quiet ride. The resale value for the Terrano is one of the features which keep it ahead of the rest. Due to the long life of its engine and good quality materials used for construction of the body, the vehicle remains in very good condition and thus enjoy a very high resale value.

Like any other mechanical product, this vehicle too suffers from a few drawbacks although not many. The mileage is a bit poor. The Terrano does not come with disk brakes at the rear side. The suspension at the front is not built for grave off-roading. The legroom inside is also not very spacious as compared to other vehicles of the same type and class.

Buying Used 7 Seater Car Nissan Terrano

The Nissan Terrano is a great 7 seater vehicle to own coming from one of the best car manufacturers of the world, Nissan. Not only the Terrano, but it is always wise to buy any used car from Japan, the manufacturers of the Terrano. There are many reasons for this. If one buys a used Terrano from Japan, he can get it for a much cheaper price. At the same time, many added accessories also come along with the vehicle like an extra air conditioning for the rear seat, additional safety features and superior quality car audio.

As the world economy came down a couple of years back, many people opted to buy used cars instead of new ones at much cheaper rates and these vehicles are mainly SUVs. Various high level 7 seat SUVs are provided by many companies and hence it becomes quite difficult to choose from but the one from Nissan, i.e the Terrano is quite preferred.

Things to look out for when buying a used Terrano:

While looking to buy a used seven seater Terrano, there are several things that one need to keep in mind so that he ends up with a good deal. The first and foremost thing to be done is to check for the car’s historical records. Such a record will have details about problems faced by the car earlier or if it was involved in any accidents, rental use, flood damage and so on.

One should also look if front struts are leaking. This is necessary because if any one of the two is leaking, it will be necessary to replace both which will be costlier. If the vehicle has a standby tyre and that is placed below the trunk floor, then the mechanism used to lower the tyre should be checked that it is still in working condition. The wipers at the back should be operational. Conduct a test drive and it should be seen that there is no noise from the suspension. Before buying the used Terrano, call upon a car mechanic and have all the important functions and systems checked.

Nissan Terrano Service and Maintenance:

When you buy a used Nissan Terrano, see to it that the engine oil is changed on a regular basis. This prevents problems of costly repairs later. The tyre pressure should be checked at least once in a month. Even if service is done at a different garage, it should be ensured that original Nissan parts are being used for replacement. As soon as any problem arises, it is good to get it repaired so that one does not have to pay extra later for a bigger problem.


Buying a used Terrano is always a good option but one has to make sure that all the points mentioned above are taken into consideration. It is a great vehicle and is bound to keep the owner happy.

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