SUVs as 7 Seater Cars

by on April 12, 2010

We’ve already discussed the best buying guide to 7 seater cars. Now it is time to discuss the possibilities of a SUV becoming a 7 seater car. SUV otherwise known as Sport Utility Vehicle, doesn’t literally go by the meaning of its name. SUV is a generic term to describe a specific type of vehicle. Usually SUV is referred to 4 wheel drive or 4WD as they call it USA. Technically a SUV is supposed to be driven more on off-road terrains, like difficult terrains, rocky mountains, and this is where the 4 wheel driving comes into picture. Usually these kind of 4 wheel driving vehicles can seat up to 7 people or more, thus they easily come under the category of SUVs.

The body frame of these 7 seater cars are similar to that of light weight truck and are made strong to withstand shock. Almost all of these SUV will never have a dedicated trunks like the ones we see in mid sized cars or sedans. SUVs are built for harder terrain, and thus they always have a high clearance, boxy body, which usually might make the vehicle prone to toppling during hairpin turns at a high speed. The recent releases of these SUVs have become more aerodynamic and more elegantly designed, but the very weight of these cars makes them very bad at fuel economy.

SUVs were very popular in the 1999-2000s. But because of the sharp rise in the fuel prices, it lead to the decline of the popularity of these type of cars. Recently the popularity of SUV has increased because of its affordability and the new hybrid engines being introduced which promises to keep the air green.

A SUV can always be used a vehicle for recreation. If you happen to be looking for a SUV for the reason of taking your family out on vacation whenever possible, then probably it is a good decision to buy a SUV. SUV has the advantage of being one among the 7 seater cars and also happens to be  a good land rover. Thus it can explore hard terrains, which is the very requirement for a good tour vehicle.

If luxury is your call in the case of SUVs. Then there are SUVs available for this sole purpose. The money is usually spent on the interiors than on the suspension and shock taking ability of the vehicle. The body has a more cleaner and sleeker look. A few example of luxury SUV are Range Rover and Super Wagoneer.

On the other hand, the 7 seat suv aren’t that great when it comes to fuel consumption. So if you happen to be in a belief that your expenditure are over once you’ve bought that seven seater suv; you might be mistaken. The expenses simply just started. Always take into account the high fuel expenses that you’d have to bear when it is luxury suv that you are opting for; these mean machines have higher torque and pickups and don’t really care on the kind of mileage they give, thus if you haven’t accounted that factor, you might end up getting frustrated about the way these suvs swallow the fuel.

Maintenance is also high when you are opting for the suvs. Once you have taken your car for a ride off-road; there are a good number of chances of mud and other dirt clogging up your car’s engine and other parts. It becomes a prime priority for you to make sure you have your 7 seater suv washed up at least once. Never miss your free or periodic service if your 7 seat suv happens to be comparatively newer.

7 Seater SUV

7 Seater SUV

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